VBA/Excel/Access/Word/Date Functions/MonthName

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Sub Main6()
   Debug.Print "Today"s date is: " & Date
   Debug.Print "The name of the month is: " & MonthName(Month(Date))
End Sub

MonthName(Month(Date), True)

Sub Main7()
   Debug.Print "Today"s date is: " & Date
   Debug.Print "The month abbreviated is: " & MonthName(Month(Date), True)
End Sub

MonthName(month) returns A String containing the name of the month represented by month

Sub dateDemo9()
   Debug.Print MonthName(Month(Date))
End Sub

MonthName returns the text string associated with a month number:

Sub MonthNameExample()
    Debug.Print MonthName(7)
    "Returns July
    Debug.Print MonthName(11)
    "Returns November
End Sub