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Arranging and Resizing Windows: ppWindowMaximized, ppWindowMinimized, or ppWindowNormal.

Sub windowState()
    Application.WindowState = ppWindowMaximized
    Windows.Arrange ArrangeStyle:=ppArrangeCascade
End Sub

Closing a Window

Sub close()
    Do While ActiveWorkbook.Windows.Count > 1
End Sub

How to arrange the windows: as icons (wdIcons, 1) or tiled (wdTiled, 0). The default is wdTiled.

Sub arrange()
    Windows.arrange ArrangeStyle:=wdTiled
End Sub

Split windows

Sub SplitWindow()
  Dim freezeMode, win As Window
  If TypeName(ActiveSheet) <> "Worksheet" Then Exit Sub
  Set win = ActiveWindow
  freezeMode = win.FreezePanes
  win.FreezePanes = False       "else the split cannot be changed
  If win.Split Then win.Split = False: Exit Sub  "cancel split
  win.SplitRow = ActiveCell.Row - win.ScrollRow
  win.SplitColumn = ActiveCell.Column - win.ScrollColumn
  win.FreezePanes = freezeMode   "restore split
End Sub

transform all windows into icons

Sub ShowWindowsAsIcons()
  Dim win As Object
  For Each win In Windows
    If win.Visible Then win.WindowState = xlMinimized
  Next win
End Sub

Working with the Active Window

"To make sure that a window is open, check whether the Count property of the Windows collection is 0
Sub open()
    If Windows.Count = 0 Then MsgBox "There is no active window.", vbOkOnly + _
        vbExclamation, "No Window Is Open"
End Sub