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Set auto recover path: wdAutoRecoverPath

Sub pathDemo1()
    Options.DefaultFilePath(wdAutoRecoverPath) = "c:\"
End Sub

Set border art path: wdBorderArtPath

Sub pathDemo3()
    Options.DefaultFilePath(wdBorderArtPath) = "c:\user\"
End Sub

Set current folder path: wdCurrentFolderPath

Sub pathDemo5()
    Options.DefaultFilePath(wdCurrentFolderPath) = "c:\user\"
End Sub

Set document path: wdDocumentsPath

Sub pathDemo16()
    Options.DefaultFilePath(wdDocumentsPath) = "c:\user\"
End Sub

Set Graphics Filters path: wdGraphicsFiltersPath

Sub pathDemo8()
    Options.DefaultFilePath(wdGraphicsFiltersPath) = "c:\user\"
End Sub

Set startup path: wdStartupPath

Sub pathDemo18()
    Options.DefaultFilePath(wdStartupPath) = "c:\user\"
End Sub

Set style galary pathwdStyleGalleryPath: wdStyleGalleryPath

Sub pathDemo2()
    Options.DefaultFilePath(wdStyleGalleryPath) = "c:\user\"
End Sub

Set temp file path: wdTempFilePath

Sub pathDemo4()
    Options.DefaultFilePath(wdTempFilePath) = "c:\user\"
End Sub

Set text cover path: wdTextConvertersPath

Sub pathDemo6()
    Options.DefaultFilePath(wdTextConvertersPath) = "c:\user\"
End Sub

Set the CtrlClickHyperlinkToOpen property of the Options object to True to ensure that hyperlinks require Ctrl+clicking:

Sub opt()
    Options.CtrlClickHyperlinkToOpen = True
End Sub

Set the user templates path and workgroup templates path:

Sub pathDemo9()
    Options.DefaultFilePath(wdUserTemplatesPath) = "c:\user\"
    Options.DefaultFilePath(wdWorkgroupTemplatesPath) = "\\server\users\templates"
End Sub

Set tools path: wdToolsPath

Sub pathDemo7()
    Options.DefaultFilePath(wdToolsPath) = "c:\user\"
End Sub

Turning Off Overtype

Sub opt2()
    Dim blnOvertypeOn As Boolean
    blnOvertypeOn = Options.Overtype
    Options.Overtype = False
    Options.Overtype = blnOvertypeOn
End Sub