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Opening a Database as the Current Database and Closing the Current Database

Sub open()
    Dim myAccess As Access.Application
    Dim myDatabase As Object
    Set myAccess = GetObject(, "Access.Application")
    myAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase _
        filepath:="C:\mydb.mdb", Exclusive:=True
    Set myDatabase = myAccess.CurrentDb
End Sub

Returning an Object with the GetObject Function

 Sub Return_a_Value_from_Excel()
     Dim mySpreadsheet As Excel.Workbook
     Dim strSalesTotal As String
     Set mySpreadsheet = GetObject("your.xls")
     strSalesTotal = mySpreadsheet.Application.Range("SalesTotal").Value
      Set mySpreadsheet = Nothing
      Selection.TypeText "Current sales total: $" & strSalesTotal & "."
  End Sub