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New OleDbCommand

Imports System
Imports System.Data
Imports System.Data.OleDb
Module OleDbProvider
   Sub Main()
      " Set up connection string
      Dim ConnString As String = "provider=sqloledb;" & _
         "data source=(local)\SQLEXPRESS;" & _
         "integrated security=sspi;" & _
      " Set up query string
      Dim CmdString As String = "SELECT * FROM Employee"
      "Declare Connection and DataReader variables
      Dim Conn As OleDbConnection
      Dim Reader As OleDbDataReader
         "Open Connection
         Conn = New OleDbConnection(ConnString)
         "Execute Query
         Dim Cmd As New OleDbCommand(CmdString, Conn)
         Reader = Cmd.ExecuteReader()
         "Display output header
         Console.WriteLine("Demonstrates the use " & _
            "of the OleDb Data Provider." & ControlChars.NewLine)
         Console.WriteLine("Querying database {0} with query {1}" & _
            ControlChars.NewLine, Conn.Database, Cmd.rumandText)
         Console.WriteLine("FirstName" & ControlChars.Tab & "LastName")
         "Process The Result Set
         While (Reader.Read())
            Console.WriteLine(Reader("FirstName").PadLeft(9) & _
               ControlChars.Tab & Reader(1))
         End While
      Catch ex As Exception
         Console.WriteLine("Error: {0}", ex)
         "Close Connection
      End Try
   End Sub
End Module