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Get count from the query


Module Program
  Sub Main()
    Dim currentVideoGames() As String = {"A", "B", "this is a test", "D", "E", "S"}
    Dim numb As Integer = (From g In currentVideoGames _
                Where g.Length > 6 _
                Order By g _
                Select g).Count()
    Console.WriteLine("{0} items honor the LINQ query.", numb)
  End Sub
End Module

Get the count of all employees hired this year.

Imports System
Imports System.Xml.Linq
    Public Class MainClass
        Public Shared Sub Main()
            Dim employees As XElement = XElement.Load("Employees.xml")
            Dim cnt = Aggregate ele In employees.<Employee> _
                      Where CDate(ele.<HireDate>.Value).Year = Now.Year _
                      Into Count()
            Console.WriteLine("{0} employees were hired this year.", cnt)
        End Sub
    End Class