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Chr() Returns the character represented by the character code.

Sub strDemo18()
   Debug.Print Chr(65)
End Sub

Using the Chr Function and Constants to Enter Special Characters in a String

VBA Character Codes and Character Constants         
Code                   Character         
Chr(9)                 Tab         
Chr(10)                Line-feed        
Chr(11)                Soft return (Shift+Enter)        
Chr(12)                Page break        
Chr(13)                Carriage return        
Chr(13) + Chr(10)      Carriage return/line-feed combination        
Chr(14)                Column break        
Chr(34)                Double straight quotation marks ("")        
Chr(39)                Single straight quote mark/apostrophe (")        
Chr(145)               Opening single smart quotation mark (")        
Chr(146)               Closing single smart quotation mark/ apostrophe (")        
Chr(147)               Opening double smart quotation mark (")        
Chr(148)               Closing double smart quotation mark (")        
Chr(149)               Bullet        
Chr(150)               En dash        
Chr(151)               Em dash      
Sub Char()
    MsgBox vbTab & vbCr
End Sub